the fabulous beard

It's a musical project, not a barbershop!

With a band name like THE FABULOUS BEARD the first glance is directed at the faces of course: Yep, Giuseppe Aceto, Daniele Patton and Augusto Dalle Aste have beards, more or less at least.

Still, the three South Tyroleans are no hipsters, but nerds. In the musical sense that is. Who has loved 80ies computer games on the C64-bread box also because of the wacky, squeaky music, „They Stole A Million“ for example, will take The Faboulous Beard into his heart. Next start the datasette (you don’t know what that is? Google it!) and off you go for another round, a new mad ride of „Stunt Car Racer“ with heavy grooves, jazzy bass lines, screechy Arcade-machine sounds and definite ear worm melodies. For nostalgics of the chip-Stone Age this stuff is just as exciting as it is for todays generation of music and gaming friends who mistake their computer’s CD-compartment for a coffee mug. So then: „To the Batmobile, let’s go!“

Reeperbahn Festival

the fabulous beard
giuseppe aceto
the fabulous beard
the fabulous beard
augusto dalle aste
daniele patton
giuseppe aceto

Giuseppe Aceto

Sound Design / Synth

Augusto Dalle Aste

Bass Guitar / Double Bass

Daniele Patton

Drums & Percussion

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